Elcor™ Pro-Series Motorized Projection Screen

Our Pro-Series Motorized Projection screen Comes In Matte white 1.0 Gain Projection fabric Material with 3 Year warranty. Inbuilt high Capacity tubular motor with Radio Frequency remote and receiver.

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Elcor™ Pro-Series Manual Projection Screens

Our Pro-Series Manual Projection screen Comes In Matte white fabric Material with Slow Retraction Mechanism for High end Home cinema Projection Rooms.

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Elcor™ Pro-series Fix frame Projection Screens

Our Pro-Series Fix frame Projection Screen Comes with Imported soft matte white 1.1 Gain fabric Material with Heavy weighted aluminium based fix frame material. Easy to assemble In Outdoor and Indoor.

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Elcor™ Pro-Series Cyclorama Projection screens

This Screen Mostly use on Big stage show In College, School & other Celebration Program. We are making & sell every Month big cinema projection screen with required fabric material.

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Pro-Series Tripod Projector screen
Imported Tripod / Portable Projector Screen For Indoor / Outdoor

Our Imported Pro-series Tripod Projection screen Comes in Imported Matte white 1.1 Gain fabric for Commercial, Education & Office meeting room Purpose.

This is made by Excellent Quality fabric & aluminium Casing & stand with white powdered Coated for make Easy carry for outdoor meeting purpose. we are giving you professional look in this screen for use high Costly meeting & Celebration halls etc.