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Electreic Motorised Projection Screen [PRO Series]

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Electric Projection Screen

Our PRO Series motorized projection screen comes in tubular motor with 3 Years Warranty. we are offering nice looking aluminium casing with shined velvet black desing in front middle of the casing.

Electric Floor Rising Projector Screen

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Excellent Picture quality

Tab-tensioned Projection Screen

Our PRO Tab tension Projection screen comes in many fabric with Excellent Quality tubular motor In 3 Year warranty. we are making these screen in many fabric, According to Customer requirement. These screen casing is very professional look according to you home Interior.  Our Mostly customer use this screen in their expensive home cinema & digital Class room & meeting room etc. This screen is best high expensive home Cinema & Class room Pupose due to ultra silent features. 

You Can adjsut this screen height according to your desirable height. there is three button for operate this motorized proejction screen, Up/ down / stop. you can adjsut this screen from Radio Frequency remote & Receiver. we are giving buttom on both remote & receiver.