Our ELCOR® lite series Projection screen, We are giving you best solution of your versatile home theater solution with Matte white finish, Gain1.2 Projection fabric material. Matte white finish Projection fabric material comes with Black backing fabric material for light penetration. In the lite series we are using matte finish UltraHD projection fabric material In every Projector screen e.g., Electric Motorised projection screen, Manual projection screen, Tripod/Portable projection screen, Map/Calander type projector screen, Eyelets/Masking projection screen, manual Wall Mount projector screen & Other Customized size etc. 


We, Provide you ELCOR® lite series electric Motorized Projection screen with Black backing for super color reproduction, Matte white finish Projection fabric material. Its comes In Life time silent Sync. Motor, Power Capacity 220V & Radio frequency remote controlled set. Can be Operated dual, Receiver & Remote also & Can be use In Home Automation device.


We, ELCOR® lite sereis  fix frame projection screens, In Soft matte white finish Projection fabric material, Gain 1.1 UltraHD. Its comes with Aluminium frame & support bar with all Installation screw & spring etc. We have standard frame & thin frame available with Black velvet Border. 

Soft Matte white projection fabric material comes In black back Coated for make Inhance picture Quality. 


We, Provide you ELCOR® lite series Tripod/Portable projection screen. Its come HiGain Projection fabric Material, Gain 1.2. We are using heavy tripod stand In MS Material with Black texture Powder Coated. HiGain projection fabric material made by three layers, Its compatiable with UltraHD, HDR, 3D & 4K technology. 

Mostly People use this screen In Outdoor presentation e.g., Office hall, Big Meeting room, garden area, Ourtdoor Marketing.


We, Provide you ELCOR® lite series Manual Projection screen. It’s comes with Matte white finish UltraHD, HDR & 4K tech. fabric material. Matte white finish fabric material, Gain 1.2 with Black back surface  ( Coat) for make Excellent Picture Quality. 

It’s comes with Auto-lock features, you can adjust screen height at desirable height. We have smooth retraction mechanism / Standard retraction mechanism.