BIG Cyclorama Projection Screen for Stage

  • Cyclorama Screen is large projection fabric
  • 3D & Non-3D Variant Available.
  • provide infinite pattern and depth to the screen.

Description for Cyclorama projection Material & Design

We provide cinema and video projection screen setup with Cyclorama Design and Movable Screen Options. Curved and Flat screen designs are available as per the customer requirement. Imported High quality white and grey, perforated, 3D and Non 3D screen variants are available for all sizes and projects. We install the screen with careful precision for viewing angle and projector distance.

Cyclorama Frame & Design

A cyclorama is a large curtain or wall, positioned at the back of the stage area. When possible, it is stretched on the sides and weighted on the bottom to create as flat and even a surface as possible. As seams tend to interrupt the desirable smooth surface of the cyclorama it is usually constructed from extra-wide material.
Cycloramas are often used to create the illusion of a sky onstage. By varying the equipment, intensity, color and patterns used, a lighting designer can achieve many varied looks. Cyclorama lights are directed to fall on this screen to colour wash it from top as well as Moving Heads installed on the First Intelligent Bar provide infinite pattern and depth to the screen. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Stage and Theater Equipment.