Electric Motorised Projection screen [Lite Series]

We provide your electreic lite projection screen for home cinema & commercial uses. Its Comes with Syncronious motor with Radio Frequency remote cotnrolled set. It can be mounted in different ways. Wall projector screen applications are ideal for flat-level wall spaces. Projector ceiling mount combinations attach the projector and screen to the ceiling so that the floor space is free.

Electric Motorised Screen

Elcor lite series Budget Screen  is a versatile electric motorized screen that fits perfectly in either residential or commercial wall/ceiling applications.

Electric Tab-tensioned Screen

Elcor lite series Tab tensioned  is a first-class Electridc projection screen with added features typically only found on a high-end products. It has a tab-tension system to keep the screen material flat along with hands-free retraction system.

Recessed/In-Ceiling Projection Screen

Now available In All Customized size

The Recessed / In-Ceiling Projection screen is our newest in-ceiling recessed projection screen. It is designed for concealed installations. It utilizes our Soft matte white | Silver3D Grey | Long throw Amient light rejecting front projection material. The tab-tensioned system maintains flatness uniformity throughout the entire surface with no tab impressions. Images pop and videos maintain true colors.

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