Fix frame Projection Screen

We Provide Ambient light rejecting Screen for UltraShort throw / Short throw / Long throw Projectors.

We are making many size everyday e.g., 92″ Diag. / 100″ Diagonal / 110″ Diagonal / 120″ Diagonal / 133″ Diagonal / 150″ Diagonal.

Undoctore Image of Ambient light Rejecting Screen (Delhi / NCR Site)

Tab-tensioned Electric Screen

We are providing all customized size In ambient light Rejecting Projection fabric Material. If, required any customized size, share with us we will make according to your site or projects.

Undoctored Image, This Image take at the time of running work In the screen.

Loose Projection fabric Material

We are providing Fabric Material for custom home cinema for Pasting on wooden board or Fixing at SS / MS frame with Eyelets.