Curved  frame Projection Screen

Curved Fixed frame screens are perfect for cinemas or simulation application. Using an advanced aluminum structure with the goal of creating an image made to fit the natural curve of the human eyes, this screen brings high definition viewing another level. Curved Screen is a proprietary screen technology solution designed for in particular for simulation and training application. Curve screen can come in different radius, various surface finishing


  • Aluminum frame with black velvet borders to absorb over projected images
  • Special angular connections, frames can be assembled
  • Easy to attach screen fabric to the frame by spring system
  • A sense of presence in the Displaying content is achieved
  • An immersive around visual experience occurs
  • The curve design ensures that light travels the same distance to reach any point of the screen thus creating a properly proportioned image
  • Ease of installation, wall mounted come with brackets
  • Floor stands can be available for large frame screens